Financial resources are split between run the business and change the business:

  • IT budgets, on average, are experincing 3.5% annual growth
  • But run budgets are increasing faster than change budgets


Information technology is advancing rapidly:

  • But most apps are still on-premises despite accelerating pace of technological change
  • This introduces complexity
  • Startups and challengers can innovate faster because they have lighter governance models and don't have a legacy burden


We can help you overcome your constraints, such as:

  • The complexity barrier
  • Bureaucracy
  • Talent availability


And implement modern infrastructure, which is:

  • Fully automated, self-healing, immutable and distributed
  • With improved security, governance and control
  • Everything as code
  • At Hyperscale
  • 'As a service' platforms and OpEx

Core focus

We specialise in:

  • Multi, hybrid and federated cloud
  • Platform independence
  • Edge computing

Because of the strategic benefits to our clients. Cost and complexity reductions through simplification of your infrastructure whilst avoiding:

  • Vendor lock-in