Business case creation

Application discovery

Deployment and infra automation

DevOps maturity

Monitoring and tracing

Secure implementation

Why microservices?

Many enterprises are decomposing their large monolithic applications into microservices because they gain huge benefits from working with smaller delivery units. Microservices allow the creation of independently deployable, highly testable and easy to maintain apps which are loosely coupled.

What is a 'lighthouse' project?

You may discover that you already have microservices deployed at your organisation. They are an architectural style, not a new magical technology. What matters is how they fit with the overall target infrastructure. Codification work with technology leaders to build their business case for broad adoption of microservices, and we initiate a project that is designed to demonstrate how quickly applications can be containerised.

As we work with your engineers to re-architect the first application, we lay down best practices for microservice application development. Containerisation is a way we can get on the journey to microservices very quickly.

Next we refactor a handful of legacy applications, whilst beginning to consider requirements for dev, test and production environments. We automate deployments and infrastructure provisioning to accelerate the delivery of services to production.

DevOps maturity

When we come to productionise our microservice workloads, there is a trade-off to be made. Operations teams no longer have a well-defined singular monolith on which to focus, they must now cope with an ecosystem of small services. This is not a trivial process for ops, they must ensure that each change made represents an overall improvement to the service.

Service management teams must react quickly when a problem is detected and involve both Dev and Ops colleagues. The immediate issue must be fixed and a root-cause analysis undertaken to detect the underlying problem. This shifts the organisational culture towards product-centricity and DevOps, but there are many other core capabilities we must build, including:

  • Dynamic and interchangeable dev, test and production environments
  • High degrees of automation, including for provisioning and deployment
  • Monitoring and tracing

We have a proven track record helping businesses of all types with these challenges and we've used lighthouse projects to create a signal of success to the wider organisation.

  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Elimination of tech debt

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