What is cloud native?

In a nutshell, cloud native is containers on Kubernetes, running in someone elses data centre!

Want to become agile, but don’t release software continuously?

Want to reduce costs, but locked into legacy systems and process?

Docker was the first huge-scale open source project, a lightweight and portable platform, based on Linux containers. Developers loved Docker, but didn’t have the first clue cloud operating containers in production. This caused some serious headaches among early adopters!

Enter Kubernetes: the underlying architecture of the cloud. Kubernetes is the platform that orchestates containers, allowing scaled operations.

How does Codification help?

We plan, design and build you a managed container platform and tooling, up-front, to requirements. This avoids the nasty suprise you’ll get doing it any other way!

Your manual security processes are replaced, as we automate everything, especially the codification of compliance and the deployment of infrastructure.

We’ll help you shift your governance models from waterfall to continuous delivery, and introduce site reliability engineering as a new discipline.

We’ll retrain your workforce in new and rapidly evolving tools and we pair with your engineers to establish best practices.

Don’t be afraid of other people’s data centres.

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