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Containerised apps are small, extremely portable and they run on almost any underlying infrastructure, allowing you to rapidly expand IT operations to the cloud.

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What is cloud native?

In a nutshell, cloud native is containers on Kubernetes, running in someone else's data centre!

Want to become agile, but don’t release software continuously?

Want to reduce costs, but locked into legacy systems and process?

Docker was the first huge-scale open source project, a lightweight and portable platform, based on Linux containers. Developers loved Docker, but didn’t have the first clue cloud operating containers in production. This caused some serious headaches among early adopters!

Enter Kubernetes: the underlying architecture of the cloud. Kubernetes is the platform that orchestrates containers, allowing scaled operations.

How does Codification help?

We plan, design and build you a managed container platform and tooling, up-front, to requirements. This avoids the nasty surprise you’ll get doing it any other way!

Your manual security processes are replaced, as we automate everything, especially the codification of compliance and the deployment of infrastructure.

We’ll help you shift your governance models from waterfall to continuous delivery, and introduce site reliability engineering as a new discipline.

We’ll retrain your workforce in new and rapidly evolving tools and we pair with your engineers to establish best practices.

Don’t be afraid of other people’s data centres.

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Meet our team

A brief history


RWS IT Consulting became Codification Ltd, starting life as a couple of senior software consultants, with a background in Industry 4.0.


We became Docker Inc’s top tier consulting partner in the UK, helping customers adopt Docker’s world changing container technology.


We began working directly with some of the world's leading enterprises, such as ABN AMRO, Total, GSK, Met Police, Drax Power and Cancer Research UK.


We grew our team from 5 to 15 members and extended our reach to overseas territories during this year.


In January we will externalise our Cloud Native Bootcamp, with the lofty ambition of training 1,000 platform and site reliability engineers!

How do we do it?

We’re a specialised team of software engineers, focused on highly challenging digital transformation projects.

We have deep expertise in the open source tools we use, including:

Azure DevOps:


Dockerising a .NET app

Join an expert in this live session covering the basics of how to Dockerise a .NET application in under 30 minutes.

There’s an opportunity to ask questions at the end.

03 Days
16 Hours
59 Minutes
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The cloud native bootcamp

We’re seeking fast learners that can code.

Do you want to be part of a rapidly growing startup and get to work on the hottest stack in the IT industry?

We’re inviting the best of promising engineering talent to our in-house developed training and recruitment programme: the cloud native bootcamp.

Tools you’ll master:

Kubernetes: A system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerised applications.


Helm: The Kubernetes package manager.


Terraform: Codifies APIs into declarative configuration that can be shared and treated as code.

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps: CI/CD for any platform and cloud.

Cloud native bootcamp

How does it work?

You’ll pair with a training partner and be mentored by one of our senior professionals. The bootcamp is fully remote, and you’ll take part from the comfort of your home office.

On average, it takes five weeks to complete the bootcamp. Along the way we’ll get to know you, you’ll get to know us, and we’ll help you discover what you really want out of your career in software engineering.


Containering a Microsoft legacy for the UK Government

Case study

This customer needed .NET apps to be shifted to the cloud to complete a data centre obsolesence programme.

As well as refactoring, apps had to be optimised for secure cloud native operations (containers in the cloud) with minimal overhead in Azure, the pre-select cloud partner.

Multi-cloud operations are a strategic ambition for the department and as containers are separate from underlying infrastructure, they’re portable between environments and can be run in any cloud.




Tenant 1

Tenant 2

Tenant 3












Kubernetes Service



What were the results?

Zero to DevOps heros

The department was starting from no operational experience of Kubernetes, so we began with training in Docker fundamentals, Terraform and site relibaility engineering practice.

Azure DevOps was selected as it is easy to learn for inexperienced engineers and gives a unified end-to-end development experience.

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40% Reduction in IT infrastructure footprint
60% Improvement in release velocity
0 Changes to the code base
72% Faster operational issue resolution

Let’s get started

Readiness assessment
£800 Ex VAT

Are you ready for production workloads in the cloud? Let’s find out.

We’ll assess your target operating model (or create one for you, if you prefer) and we’ll assess: CI/CD pipelines Workflow Automation Provisioning Configuration

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Docker PoC and accelerator
£2,800 Ex VAT

We’ll create a cloud adoption roadmap for your chosen cloud provider

We’ll Grade your applications by ROI and complexity for Cloud Native migration

We’ll create a Docker image of your chosen app

We’ll produce your microservice reference target architecture (Agnostic/AKS/EKS/GKE)

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Cloud Native Bootcamp
£3,800 Ex VAT

If you don’t know what any of this means, but think you’re going Cloud soon, bring up to 4 participants from your organisation and in 1 week we’ll cover:

CI/CD with Azure DevOps (or your tool) Docker essentials Kubernetes fundamental operations Cloud migration roadmap & training plan

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Join our team!

We are hands on Software Engineers. Pretenders need not apply.

Junior Engineer

You’re a First Class Master of Computer Science and you’ve made a compelling contribution to an open source project.

You’re a fast and conscientious learner, with least four years programming experience.

£ v. competitive + training & mentoring

Senior Engineer

You have over 10 years experience as a software engineer and are an expert in the design and implementation of distributed systems with an oustanding track record of fixing deep technical problems.

£ v. competitive + benefits

Lead Engineer

You’re an industry leader and distguished engineer, with a demonstrable history of key roles in high consequence software engineering projects.

£ v. competitive + benefits + options