Kubernetes Security & DevSecOps

Adopt DevSecOps to safeguard your business-critical data and overcome threats to your applications and infrastructure security




DevSecOps stands for – developmentsecurity, and operations. An evolution of the traditional DevOps approach, DevSecOps integrates security across every phase of the software development lifecycle.

With businesses increasingly adopting DevOps and Agile practices, DevSecOps stands as a natural evolution of the way organisations approach security. DevSecOps integrates application and infrastructure security seamlessly, into the DevOps process – as opposed to the traditional approach of treating security as an add-on at the end of the SDLC. 


DevSecOps offers speed and security, with a host of other crucial benefits.

Proactive Security

Enables you to fix security issues as soon as they arise, before additional dependencies are introduced, and makes fixing issues less expensive.

Fast Software Delivery

Saves time and costs in software delivery by reducing the need for repeat processes when addressing security issues.

Better Vulnerability Mitigation

Gives you the ability to identify and fix common security vulnerabilities through having scanning and patching integrated across the SDLC.

Automation Capabilities

Gives you the ability to automate security checks – especially if an organisation uses a CI/CD pipeline in software development.

Our Capabilities

By leveraging our cloud native security expertise and DevSecOps capabilities, you will be able to harden and enhance the cloud security posture of your organisation. We assist you by dedicating engineering and coordination resources that improve proactive and reactive security management.

An enhanced security posture

Reduced security and vulnerability risk

Improved cloud security score

Enhanced security telemetry, diagnostics and alerts

A single, fully-automated supply chain

Need help training your staff?

Codification’s Corporate Technical Training Offering is aimed at arming your staff with the knowledge and skills required to operate within a modern cloud native DevOps environment.

Why work with us?

Security for cloud platforms & cloud-native applications is at the forefront of Codification’s expertise. Security has been our main focus in our cooperation with large enterprises such as HSBC, Sage, and IFS. By leveraging our K8s and DevSecOps security expertise, you too can harden and enhance the cloud security posture of your organisation.