Technical Training

Enterprise Technical Training

Increase productivity, streamline processes, and achieve business objectives by resolving skill gaps through expert-led training

Codification’s technical training programs combine mentoring from leading experts, with modern teaching methods, and a state-of-the-art learning platform.

Courses and Specialisations

Training by tools/platforms

Technical fundamentals in Docker

Learn to build, run, and deploy applications using Docker

Technical fundamentals in Linux

Learn Linux installation and configuration scenarios

Basic to advanced Kubernetes

Learn basic prerequisites to advanced skills needed for containerization

Cloud certification: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform

Get your cloud certification from one of the cloud service providers

Infrastructure-as-Code (Terraform, Ansible)

Learn how to use Terraform and Ansible and automate your infrastructure

Training by function

Technical fundamentals in Cloud-native development

Learn how to structure, package, and release an application

Technical fundamentals in Networking

Learn how computer networks work, design networks, and keep them secure

Quality Assurance training

Learn how to avoid problems when delivering solutions or services to customer

Agility training

Learn to enhance the agility of your organisation's business and technical agility

Key Features

Direct and guided instruction

Prepared and live modeling

Expeditionary Learning

Pair work and group work

Project-based learning

Program Structure

  • 1Pre-screening
  • 2Program start
  • 3Evaluation
  • 4Graduation
  • Pre-screening

    Program candidates will be enrolled after a pre-screening process that tests their aptitude, technical skills, and cultural fit.

Special offers

Codification Partners

Can enroll in our Bootcamp with a discount. Speak to your Codification partner manager, or email to check the terms and conditions.

Codification Customers

Can enroll in our Bootcamp with a discount. Speak to your project lead or the Codification client principal at your organisation to arrange this or email to check the terms and conditions.

Codification Talent

We want to make you DevOps superstars of the future. The BootCamp is offered free of charge to those who work in the Codification team full-time  or contract-basis.